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App Travel: Best Travel Apps in March 2015

I love travelling, but I have to admit, I can´t leave my smartphone at home. I love my phone and I love travel apps.

App Travel March 2015

And this is not a bad thing as there are many travel apps in App Stores that make travelling so much easier, less time consuming…but also less adventurous. I think the last is not true, especially if you like adventures, Couchsurfing or GeoCaching will still quench your thirst for risk.

If you’re like me and want to make your travel life a little bit more comfortable their is a huge variety of app helpers out there. To have an overview of this jungle of travel apps, I’m starting the monthly series App Travel. Here I will present new apps  and services that makes travelling easier and smarter.

Let´s open the round for the travel apps highlights in March 2015.


One of the best travel apps in March 2015: TripIt
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I always forget something. And it gets even worse when I´m travelling. Which gate do I have to go? What was the seat number again? When was my train leaving? TripIt helps me to stay organized even when I´m on a trip. This travel app is the shooting star when it comes to travelling.

The app lists all your itineraries in a nice table, so you have a nice overview about all the things you need to know while you´re on the go. For me the best feature is the Auto Import of travel plans. Just link TripIt to your mail account and itineraries will automatically be added. Even better: Scheduled trips are added to your calender as well.

No matter if it´s a flight, train or bus ride, accommodation or car rental. TripIt is connected to many travel operators so that most of your tickets will work. Just give it a try. After I missed a few flights, I´m just happy to have installed it. The best part is –  it´s free!

TripIt is available free for Web, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone!

Party with a Local

One of the best travel apps in March 2015:  Party with a Local
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Party with a Local is like Couchsurfing without a couch. Whenever you are new in town or want to meet new people, you just open the app and see if there is a party mate nearby. Like Tinder you can filter your results by sex, age and distance.

A gallery shows you the selection of locals nearby. So you can simply click on a profile and go through their infos, pictures or reviews. When you find the right buddy to drink a beer with, you can simply start chatting.

The interface looks nice and clear and the location-based suggestions are good. So I will give it a try, next time when I´m out.

Party with a local is available for Android and iOS.

Traveling Spoon

One of the best travel apps in March 2015: Traveling Spoon
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For all the hungry travellers out their who want to eat authentic food at a local’s place Traveling Spoon is the solution. Travel off the eaten path. Traveling Spoon is like AirBnB for local food. It connects hungry souls with experienced chefs.

The platform offers food tastings in 31 countries. More are about to come.  Food tastings are offered in nearly every country in Asia: Bangladesh, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, etc.

Reserving is easy. Just fill out the reservation form and inform the host about your number of guests, nationality, age, date and budget. You can also give spice preference and  inform about allergies.

You can book either a meal ($20-60), meal + cooking class ($40-$100), meal + cooking class + market tour ($80-$170).

Next time you’re in Asia, give it a try. The idea sounds really nice!


One of the best travel apps in March 2015: Rocketrip

Rocketrip is a B2B solution for small and medium sized enterprises. The platform wants to tackle your enterprise travel expenses. Often it´s hard for employees to book the best trip, because market prices fluctuate constantly. How do employers know if the amount spent was appropriate?

That´s exactly where Rocketrip starts. The platform promises to provide real-time budgets to beat and motivate employees to save by rewarding them. Your company saves money, employees earn rewards.

The smart business trip platform has developed an algorithm that generate travel budgets based on trip parameters, market prices and company’s travel policy.

You found an interesting travel app? Just share your tips in the comments!

Hi! I´m David and I like sharing my travel experiences with you. I´m passionate about traveling and want you to be part of my adventures. If you have any tips or if you want to share your experience, just kick it in the comments. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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