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App Travel: Best Travel Apps in May 2015

In this App Travel post I will highlight a social network for backpackers, how to get your refund for canceled flights easily and show you a smart way to pack for your next journey.

The app travel series promotes the best travel apps!

Some of you might have already noticed that my beloved monthly series App Travel somehow missed the App Highlights of April 2015. That´s why I will mention some more travel apps this time.

In my monthly series App Travel I feature new apps and services that make travelling easier and smarter.

Here are the travel apps highlights of May 2015.


Backtracker App
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Backtracker is a very smart app to track and share your trip with your friends and family. The app lets you plot your journey while you travel. You can mark stop-overs and glam them up with some nice photos. You can share your travel updates with family and friends. So next time somebody asks you where you are at the moment: Simply tell them to take a look in BackTracker!
That´s also an easy way to document your trip and review it later on!

But what I really like about BackTracker is the social feature. Here you can follow the journeys of other backpackers, too. So you always know where your travel mates are and check their travel updates. It´s like a social network for backpackers.

Another cool feature is the highlight map. The map shows a hand-picked selection of cool hostels, bars and restaurants at your destination.
The app has an intuitive design but is lacking users at the moment. Give it a try the next time you are on the road and track your journey in a smooth way.

BackTracker is available free for BackTracker App and BackTracker iOS App. Android will be ready soon.

Thank you Tobi for the hint!


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I know that Germany is one of the last bastions where most mobile carriers design mobile internet plans that are limited, and you always have to look after your traffic. You have to always be careful not to exceed the limit, so the carrier doesn’t reduce your speed, you only wish you’d have internet as good as the one Eatel provides.

But when you travel and you need mobile internet and would like to use your Mac, then exceeding your limit might come pretty fast. Just think of automatically Dropbox or mail synchronization. So how do you control your mobile plan while tethering? Here is where TripMode comes in. This tiny little tool is going to be your Mac´s mobile data savior. When installed you can set a whitelist and allow only special app to connect to the web. On the other hand the tool has an eye on your mobile data, so you always know how much you already used.

For tethering fans with handicapped mobile internet plans, it´s a Must-Have.

TripMode is free for

Thanks again to Tobi!
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I don´t know how you feel when you are in the checkout progress of buying a plane ticket. Before I hit the “Purchase”-button, you can see the fear on my face. Why? Because usually plane tickets are expensive and if you want to change your flight because of other plans, there is little chance to do that without paying extra. is about to change this. If your travel plan changes, they will help you to request a refund and get a voucher for your next flight. The guys created an easy-to-use online mask to help you and the idea sounds very promising.

The downside is, they online support three airlines so far: Air One, Scoot and Firefly. But more airlines are trending and you can even request your favorite airline. is available free


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AirHelp is another platform that will help you to claim your travel rights. In this case AirHelp will check if you are entitled for delayed or cancelled flights or when you´ve been denied boarding.

Therefore you simply put down your flight details and the app will check if you are eligible. If yes, then AirHelp will do all the paperwork for you and you can relax. Only when your claim was successful you have to pay a fee to AirHelp.

AirHelp is free for the Web, iOS and Android.

Travel Butler

Travel Butler
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Travel Butler iOS App will help you to do your next travel preparation the smart way.

You know, when we have been younger our mom always prepared and packed our bag for us for the next trip. And she somehow always knew what and how much to bring – like it was magic. Guess what: Travel Buttler can do this too…although it won´t give you a travel budget 🙂

You simply put down your travel dates and destination and the app will refine your packaging recommendations. It will also check the weather forecast and take it into account. So you know what to bring to Marseille or Milano.

Furthermore the app will gather data from Foursquare and prepare a list of the hippest and coolest restaurants, bars and hostels in your city.

I checked the data for Berlin and I was quite impressed about the slick and modern interface and the suitable recommendations for the spot. I really liked it.

Travel Butler is free for iOS. Let´s hope Sebastian comes up with an Android version soon!

Hi! I´m David and I like sharing my travel experiences with you. I´m passionate about traveling and want you to be part of my adventures. If you have any tips or if you want to share your experience, just kick it in the comments. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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