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When you live in France, one of the survival tricks would be to learn how to cook and eat like the French! When I was a kid, grown-ups always told me that the French, no matter what they eat, never go fat. So I thought to myself ‘I had to eat like them and never grow fat’

Crepes de chocolate
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Crêpe. One of the simplest food to cook to feel like a French chef. If you can nail this whole crêpe thing, then you’re off to a good start!

Here is one of our good friends Guillaume to show us how these tasty crêpes are made!

First the recipe! So I asked him what the recipe was for this very famous French delicacy:

“Tu mets 300g de farine fluide avec 2 oeufs et 50g de beurre fondu. Tu remues bien jusqu’à ce que ça te fasse un truc un peu compact, puis tu incorpores le lait. Tu verses du lait petit à petit dans la pâte, tu en mets vraiment peu à chaque fois, et tu remues pour bien incorporer le lait à la pâte. Tu rajoutes du lait petit à petit et tu répètes ça plusieurs fois jusqu’à obtenir quelque chose d’assez liquide (mais pas trop non plus). Tu rajoutes un peu de rhum ou de fleur d’oranger et tu laisses reposer 1h. Voilà!”

“Mets genre 50g de sucre avec la farine au début!”

Here’s a little bit of demonstration for this very long french recipe.

Roughly translated to:

Mix 300g of flour with 2 eggs and 50g of melted butter. Mix well until it becomes more dense, and you add the milk. You add the milk little by little, really just a bit each time and you mix well to incorporate the milk into the batter. You add milk little by little and you repeat it multiple times until you achieve a dense neutral mixture not so heavy and dense and not so liquid either. You put a little bit of rum and a little orange flower essence and leave it for 1h.

Oh and don’t forget to add 50g of sugar in your batter with the flour at the beginning.

And then here’s what happens when you get the right density of your batter.

Then after, you just cook it on low fire. Some people (people from the north of France – particularly a friend from Lille) put beer instead of rum.

And then you can enjoy your crêpe with your preferred topping: jam, nutella, some fruits, etc.


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