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You are a hiking fan and always in search for the next narrow mountain path or valley trail? wants to make exploring nature even easier.
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When I first heard about my heart skipped a beat. I´m a huge hiking fan and I like nothing more then spending my time on top of a mountain or in a deep forrest. The idea sounds perfect: is an open travel platform, where you can find detailed trail information and beautiful photos. So far, I have discovered amazing places on earth on the website, like the Salkantay Trek (Peru) or Mount Meru (Tanzania). Website
Every trail description includes geographical datas and beautiful pictures. You can also hunt here, there is a little shop where you can find Hunting Rifles for Sale. You can also look online to find weather proof hunting backpack sales.

You can discover new hikes either in the card view or by map view. The travel platform features already several trails all over the globe.

All the trails feature a detailed description, full screen maps and GPX routes. So you will never straying of your path. However, I recommend you to go off the beaten path sometimes.

photo credit: Pisaq via photopin (license)

The paths are editable and everyone can add new hikes without having to sign up. The data is available under Creative Commons and all the code is open source. It looks like a Hiking Wikipedia just with a nicer look. I would recommend, you check it out and share your favorite hiking trails, then this project has a great feature.

Do you have any favorite hiking apps or websites? Then let me know in the comments!

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