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The times where you book your package travel in an agency are definitely over. Nowadays traveler crying for individual tour packages and backpacking. But for most of us the trip preparation and research can be exhausting and challenging. That´s why wants to connect you to experienced trip planners that will help you organize your next adventures trip fast track.

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What about a nice hiking trip to Nepal?

Let local experts organize your trip connects you with travel experts that will suggest itineraries for your next trip based on your wishes. First you have to complete a photo quiz to framework your travel ideas. Afterwards you will be connected to a travel expert who will work out the details with you. It´s basically like an online chat where you tell him your wishes and he tries to point you in the right direction. After you complete your itinerary you can book directly via It reminds me actually a bit of GoButler for traveling.

KimKim Conversation with travel experts
Alex gave me some tip for my next trip to Nepal

How to organize a Nepal trip in 10 minutes

In my quick test it did not took more than 2 minutes after I completed the quiz that travel expert Alex was texting me. He had some pretty nice tips for my next rafting and hiking trip to Nepal. He was very helpful and come up with some very great spots I should visit. He also took my trip dates in account and made some suggestions based on that.

After some questions and less than 10 minutes he suggested the following, promising Nepal itinerary:

  • Arrive Kathmandu, stay 2 days for cultural sites
  • Fly to Pokhara and head north for the Khopra Danda trek (6-8 days)
  • Return back to Pokhara, and stay for two full days to relax and go paragliding
  • Fly back to Kathmandu and go on a day-trip for rafting

At the moment offers just 3 countries: Croatia, Nepal and Japan. More will follow. For me it was a nice and easy way to plan my next trip without spending hours researching in travel boards and blogs .

What about you? Are you ready to give your trip organisation in someone else hand or do you prefer to keep control of everything?

Hi! I´m David and I like sharing my travel experiences with you. I´m passionate about traveling and want you to be part of my adventures. If you have any tips or if you want to share your experience, just kick it in the comments. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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