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When it comes to languages Luganda might be not the first thought that pop up in your mind. But if you´re looking for something else than Chinese, Spanish or German, then Luganda might be the next language challenge to tackle.

Yiga Oluganda
Image Source: Yiga Oluganda

One of my friends from Germany, Leah Sternefeld, recently spend a year in Uganda. Before her stay she wanted to learn Luganda to get familiar with the language and culture of this East African country. But this is easier said then done since there is barely any effective resource online for anyone interested in learning the language.

That´s why she simply decided to create the first online Luganda Learning Platform: Yiga Oluganda. With the help of her friend, Sseguya Francis Nickshere – a native speaker of Luganda, she collected materials to help people to learn Luganda. The results are:

Furthermore they regular update their own YouTube channel where Lea and Sseguya teach you the basic of the language.

Even thought that Uganda wasn´t on my travel list yet it might be soon. Anyhow I liked the project and the material the both come up with and I think it is a good resource for everybody who is interested in the language and culture of Uganda.

Let me know if you tried to learn any exotic language and what was your experience of this?

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  1. Dictionary y’Oluganda erimu ebigambo bingi nnyo ebyawandiikibwa mu nsobi. Kino kijja kukozesa abasomi ensobi ennyingi mu kwogera n’okuwandiika. Okugeza: bitano = 500 sso nga kyandibadde ‘bitaano’; amasangiriza = junction sso nga kyandibadde ‘amasannganzira; amasekati = middle sso nga kyandibadde ‘amasekkati’, etc.

    There are so many spelling errors in the Luganda Dictionary of 2015 which will misguide many readers/users both in speaking and writing.

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