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Roadtrippers plans your next USA Road Trip

Attention US trippers! I recently discovered a cool new app to plan your next trip in the USA: Roadtrippers. You can use the app either online or as iOS or Android App.

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So you are about to plan your next road trip in the US? Then you should give Roadtrippers a chance. It´s easy to use.

Just type in your start and end location and what you want to see on your way. Optional you can filter on accommodations, attractions, natural wonders or – my favorite – weird stuff! Then Roadtrippers shows you a map with your trip and suggests interesting attractions on your way. So you can discover all the hidden gems along your route, without doing research for hours. Furthermore you can filter on nightlife clubs, camping places, swimmings spots, etc. on the map. The filter variety is huge and I´m sure there is something for everyone!

Roadtrippers Road Trip
Roadtrippers suggests you hidden gems along your route! (Image source:

If you need more details of a landmark, click on the icon. You will now see photos, reviews, address, prices and opening hours. Roadtrippers will also suggest you spots on your trip that you can add to the itinerary.
Spots can be saved as favorites as well. It´s even possible to write your own review for a hotel you liked.

Roadtrippers Spot Information
All spots content further details, photos, prices and address. (Image source:

Another feature I love is the community function on the platform. You can share your created trips with your friends or publish it on the site as a guide for others. Other travelers can then just explore interesting places.

Roadtrippers suggested tours
You can share your created trips and stories with the community! (Image source:

Unfortunately Roadtrippers is only available in the US yet. But it´s coming to UK, Ireland and Australia as well. But the  app has already landed in the App and Play Store and gets very good feedback so far.
You find the links at the end of this article. The app syncs with your trips planned online and saves places for offline access. So you don´t have any problems with weak network coverage. Oh and did I mention the companion App for your Apple Watch? You see, Roadtrippers has everything a digital traveler needs nowadays!

Do you have any experience with Roadtrippers? Let me know in the comments.

BTW: Make sure to check out the awesome Youtube Channel!

Roadtrippers - Trip Planner
Roadtrippers - Trip Planner
Price: Free+
Roadtrippers - Trip Planner
Roadtrippers - Trip Planner
Price: Free

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