Caving in Sagada: Go underground

Whenever you read a travel guide to the Philippines, besides the beaches, it is inevitable to hear about Sagada, Banaue and Baguio in North Luzon. The three cities are the starting point for adventures in the breathtaking Cordillera region with its spiny mountains, that rises up to 2900m.
From the famous hanging coffins, to dark and unexplored caves, the steep slopes of the rice terraces or sleepy villages – the Cordillera has it all.

Jeepney in the Philippine Cordilleras
Jeepney in the Philippine Cordilleras

So you decided to stay in Sagada for a few days? Then here are all the informations you need to go around Sagada.

How to go to Sagada?

There is no direct connection from Manila to Sagada. To go there you have to stop over Banaue, Baguio or Bontoc. The easiest way is to start in Manila with Ohayami Transportation and go to Banaue. The buses leave at 9:00 PM and arrive 6:30 AM next day. Make sure you book at least 2 days in advance. The one way ticket is about P600.

From Banaue you take a jeepney to Sagada, which takes about 4 hours. You can ask the driver if you can sit on the top of the jeepney, which will give you an astonishing view on the Cordilleras.

What are the best accommodations in Sagada?

Although Sagada is a very small town, there are still a lot of cheap accommodations. We didn’t book in advance in high season, but we did not have any problems finding a place to stay.

Here is a list of Hotels in Sagada where you can stay:

  • St. Joseph´s Resthouse (Tel: +63 918 559 5935, Email: One of my favourite places in town. The cottage is situated in a very green environment, rooms are clean and comfortable and you can overlook the town from the garden. The  Prices range from P500 (2 pax/night) to P3,800 (8 pax/night).
  • Masferré Inn (Tel: +63 918 341 6164)
    The Masferré Inn is named after Eduardo Masferré a Sagada-born Photographer. You can see his awesome photographs in the nice-looking restaurant. You may ask the staff for a tour of the Gallery. The rooms are simple, warm and nice. They are all situated around the common living room in the second floor. The  Prices range from P300 (3 pax/night) to P2,240 (4 pax/night).
  • Sagada Guesthouse (Tel: +63 919 300 2763, Email:
    During my stay in Sagada we have been to the Sagada Guesthouse. It´s okey for one night, don´t expect something special. But rooms are cheap and clean. The  Prices range from P250 (1 pax/night) to P1,500 (6 pax/night).
  • Isabelo´s Inn and Cafe (Tel: +928 951 7153)
    The Isabelo´s Inn and Cafe is another nice and affordable option for you. With clean, quite and nice rooms. The  Prices range from P440 (1 pax/night) to P1,760 (4 pax/night).

What to do in Sagada?

There are several things you can do in Sagada. Here is a list of the things you shouldn’t miss.


Cave Connection in Sagada
The cave connection between the Lumiang Burial Cave and the Sumaging Cave

Sagada is most famous for its Caves. The highlight of Sagada is without a doubt the cave-to-cave connection. It is an underground passage connecting the Sumaging (Big Cave) and Luminag caves. You need a guide for this tour. Book a tour guide (P450) in Sagada so they can lead you into the caves and provide you with gas lantern. Be prepared that you might have to swim through cold water, see some bats hanging around, and climb up some rocks. If you´re looking for an adventure this 2,5h tour is definitely worth it.


If going underground is not your style, don´t worry Sagada has more to offer. There are a lot of hiking options around the mountain village. It´s best to ask the local guides which route they would recommend.  If you want to see the famous hanging coffins the limestone cliffs surrounding Echo Valley is the place for you.

Panoramic View over Sagada
photo credit: The mountains on the road from Baguio to Sagada via photopin (license)

Otherwise you might want to go up to the Kiltepan Tower. It is about 45-minute walk from town, but rewards you with a superb panoramic view of the rice terraces. More places for a good view are the top of Mt Sipitan (2200m) or Mt Amacao (1889m)

If you want to dive into the refreshing, cold Waterfall you head east of town. The Bokong Waterfalls will you cool off.

If you haven’t gotten enough of the Cordillera you might want to check out Banaue or Baguio.

Sagada Travel Information

When to go: December to February
Visa: 30-day visas at arrival for the Philippines. More Information: Philippine Bureau of Immigration

Tell me about your adventures in the mountains. Have you seen the hanging coffins? Let me know in the comments.

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