How to Skimboarding in 4 Easy Steps

One of the most exciting and fun sports I tried in my life is Skimboarding. These kind of sports are easy to learn, but hard to master. The learning curve is very steep but you can do it nearly everywhere.

How to Skimboard

If you have never heard about Skimboarding, then I will explain it to you briefly.

Skimboarding is like surfing, but in shallow water and with very little or no waves. It is a water sport you can practice in every flat water, for example at a white beach or on the plain riverside. The Skim board itself is much shorter then the usual surfboard and easier to handle. skimboard prices start at $30.

The good thing is: Unlike your first surfing lessons, you don´t need an instructor in the beginning. There is also no need for cable park. And it is much easier to learn.

So are you ready?

Here is the ultimate guide on how to skimboard!

How to Skimboard?

Step 1: Love your board! <3

Love your Skimboard
This guy is obviously deeply in love with his skimboard <3

You surfer guys probably know what I´m talking about. It´s all about the LOVE. So when at the beach drop your board in the sand first and touch it a little bit. Seriously, you might give your board a kiss, it helps and will improve your relationship a lot. The board is your friend! And you have to be BFFs on water.

Besides this: Make some dry runs. Jump on the board and stand on the back-end of the board. This will help you get a feel of the board. You might want to try it multiple times.

Step 2: Holding the Board

Holding the skimboard
This is the right way to hold your skimboard!

Skimboarding starts when you grab your board. Hold the board on the side of your body, close to your hips. If you are a right-handed you hold it on the right side of your body and and if you’re left-handed you hold it on the left.

The board has a front (Sharper End) and tail (rounder End). The right hand goes to the tail and your left hand to the left side of the board (roughly in the middle of the board). Hold it tight and don´t lose it, but most important: RELAX and don´t forget to breathe.

Step 3: Accelerating

Accelerating with the Skimboard
Accelerating with the Skimboard

Your next task is, to look for a good spot. A good spot for beginners is always shallow water with little to no waves. The water should cover your ankles, which indicates a good surfing spot.

If you’re at the beach, then you start running from the beach into the water. You have to accelerate really fast. Don´t run to far into the water, otherwise it´s more complicated to jump on the board. You may try it a few times without the board so you get in idea of the length of your runway.

Step 4: Slide on the board

Jump on the board
It´s better to slide on the board, then to jump!

Now that´s the challenging part. When you reach the water, then you drop the board. Drop it directly in front of you, NOT at your side! Some people get scared and drop the board beside them and then they have to jump sideways on the board and fail!

That´s how you skimboard!
That´s how you skimboard!

So drop it directly in front of you. Smooth and easy. Don´t smash it. Remember: The board is your friend! Just drop it in front of you, so that you can easily jump on it. Don´t jump on the board like an elephant, it´s more a Jacko-like slide on the board, so it gives you more speed.

Getting Pro

180° on the Skimboard
180° on the Skimboard

Once you’re on the Skimboard and made your first successful tries on the water you can go pro. Try to improve your acceleration in the beginning, so you run faster into the water and you have more speed after you jump on the board. Moreover you can start with some tricks. Why not try a 180° or hit some waves. But the most important: Have fun!

No pain, no gain!
No pain, no gain!

Have you tried Skimboarding? Tell me your experiences in the comments! You might share some good locations where to surf or skimboard. Let me know!

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