TravelMate helps you to split travel costs

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We all know that travelling with friends is fun. You all have a good time and make pictures that capture the best moments of your trip. But you have also expenses and the problem is that you or your friends pay alternately. Calculating in the end to determine who owns whom money can be a pain. That´s were TravelMate comes in.

Split travel costs easily with TravelMate

TravelMate - Group Overview
TravelMate – Group Overview
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TravelMate will help to track your travel expenses and split the costs in the end in less than a second.

So how does it work you may ask. First of all you have to create a travel group in the app and add your friends to your travel group. Don´t worry, they don´t need to install the app. So whenever you buy something you create a new expense in the app and tell the app what was bought, who paid, how much did you spend and for whom you paid. In the end of your trip you get a summary that shows you who has to repay something.

Organise repays between group members

TravelMate - Shared Packing List
TravelMate – Shared Packing List
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The app supports different currencies and comes with some additional features like a shared packing list and daily budgets. I used the app recently when I was with my family hiking in Germany. It usually took a lot of paperwork and calculation to split up all the costs, but with TravelMate the whole process took just a few seconds.

So far I found anything bad about the app. One feature I would like to see in the future might be the option to refund the money via the app. Just like it is possible in PayPal or Cringle. Oh, and there is no Android App yet. But the guys promised that they are working on it, so keep it up.

How do you manage your travel group expense? Is this app an option or are you more the old-fashioned pen and paper guy?

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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