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TripRebel saves you money after you booked a hotel

There are a lot of travel booking service out in the web. And they all share the same weakness: They make you tired of prices that are changed every day or even every hour. You always have to compare one website with the other and you find your self chasing behind the cheap prices. TripRebel wants to stop that booking hassle.


The German startup is situated in beautiful Hamburg, Germany. Carlos Borges and his team want to create nothing else than a “new booking experience”.

The idea is simple: You may want to book a nice hotel for a weekend getaway in Amsterdam this June. So instead of comparing prices all over the web you just book the room you want on TripRebel. Carlos´ Team will inform you when ever the price for the room drops and will only charge you the lowest prices, they can get. For example, when you book a room for $325 in Amsterdam and the prices drops to $285 then you will pay only the lower price.

Triprebel Hotels in Amsterdam
Like AirBnB: The TripRebel map showes you only hotels according to your zoom level.

The idea behind: You don´t have to care and compare prices anymore. TripRebel will do that for you. You just book the room that fits your preferences best and the hotel booking service will take care you pay the lowest price. So after you book, you only save money (presumed their is a drop in price).

Triprebel Hotel Detail View
The TripRebel Interface looks clean and modern!

TripRebel features a modern and nice interface. The business idea and design are good, but where is the downside? The prices! When I had a first look on the service the prices seem to be in average higher than on other hotel booking services like Agoda. In case of the Hotel CC in Amsterdam the price differences was nearly 100€.

I will keep an eye on TripRebel as the idea sounds promising and maybe they add airline tickets in the future. Then it will be even more interesting.

What do you think? Will you consider TripRebel for your next trip?

Hi! I´m David and I like sharing my travel experiences with you. I´m passionate about traveling and want you to be part of my adventures. If you have any tips or if you want to share your experience, just kick it in the comments. You can also connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


  1. Hi Carlos,

    thanks a lot for sharing this tips. I will consider it for my next booing 🙂


  2. Hi David,

    Amazing! Thanks a lot for shining a spotlight over TripRebel.

    We indeed have sometimes higher prices than competitors (in 15% of the cases according to our analysis). We are working hard on that and in the meantime we offer consumers the option to match the price of any competitor out there. They just need to send a screen-shot of the best offer and we will provide a discount on the spot.

    Beyond that it is also important to watch out for hidden fees… our algorithm does that for you 🙂

    Let’s keep in touch,


    TripRebel CEO & Co-Founder

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