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Vacation Rental just got easier with Holidu
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If you´re next trip will not be backpacking in Asia or solo traveling in Latin America, you might consider a trip with your best friends or family and looking for a comfortable rental vacation in a luxury apartment where you can stay. Then Holidu might be a good tip for you. Holidu is a new search engine for vacation rentals and will make your search for vacation home rentals much easier.

Home Loft Style
Your next vacation apartment?

Holidu is a search engine for vacation rental homes

There are many places where you can look for holiday apartments such as AirBnB,,, etc. Between all the booking platforms it might be sometimes hard to find the best and cheapest offer that suits you perfect. Holidu is going to solve this problem. The search engine is connected to many booking platforms and tries to find the best price for your next vacation rental home. No matter if you are looking for a chalet, finch elegant mansion or lonely hut in the woods.

Great interface, easy usability

So far the site lists over 3 million vacation homes in over 35,000 cities. The team created their own image recognition system so that they can group identic houses to one offer and none of them get listed multiple times. Founded in 2014 the startup just got fresh capital to pursuit their international expansion. In a quick test I really liked the sleek interface (that is obviously inspired by AirBnB).

Holdiu Search Results new York
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It is mobile friendly and offers you to filter for date, price, amenities, type of accommodation and location. One of the best features is that the website is available in German, English, French, Dutch, Dansk and Spanish. It is not possible to book homes directly after the search. Instead you will be forwarded to the according booking site. You might know this from Kayak or Skyscanner. So sometimes the price that is shown in the search results might not equal the price on the actually booking site. But in the most of times prices where the same.

Emerging Market: Vacation Rental Search Engine

The market for vacation rental search engine is just about to emerge and Holdiu is not the player in the market. The young startup from Munich is confronted with strong concurrence such as Hometogo from Germany, Hundredrooms from Spain and Tripping from the US. So we have to wait which of the startups can impose itself.

Holidu Search Mobile View
The web search is mobile friendly
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With Holidu you can save up to 55% for your next vacation rental so it is worth giving a try, plus you may be able to find the best turks and caicos rentals. Let me know what your experience is.

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