Xièxiè Nǐ China – It was a pleasure to meet you

It was quite difficult to pack six months China in two suitcases. Just as difficult for me to find the right words for this turbulent time. I’ve seen a lot, experienced a lot and stood in front of problems we so don´t know in my home country.

Evening fruit sale in the streets of Wuhan
Evening fruit sale in the streets of Wuhan.

It’s a different world in which I dipped for half a year. That sounds once not that long on, but it is far more complex than a simple tourist visit, and the standard range of attractions and ancient art. China is more than the country we form in our minds and even more than a nightly television show we pay attention for when times reported back on traditional Chinese temples or the Terracotta Army.
That H&M, Primark and Co. are going to produce cheap clothes in this country that our western lifestyle is able to buy a bikini or a swimsuit that says Made in China at the end, makes us not even more familiar. The result is an image that seems perfectly picturesque but in detail with a limited perspective. Not to rely on the media support, but to make ourselves an idea of that great country, our young generation has the ability to look forward and over these prejudices.

Flag ceremony with more than 6,000 students.
Flag ceremony with more than 6,000 students.

A small part of us has the chance to, but do not use and others have not the means, but would like to do. The more grateful I am that I had the possibility to wander into a far country, discover a foreign culture which is new to me so far and get inspired by a lot of people in order to determine my evening program on television itself. When the summer months begin again, the baked potatoes are placed in the hot embers and depends of the club bread over the fire, then I will remind me of the great Chinese Wall and the Summer Palace, which inspires me to this day.
Even Qingdao, the little Italy in China’s west coast and Wuhan, which became my second home. So I’m going to sit there and then I will catch up with the feeling that a change has taken place. A conversion, which I would not have expected before. It is as if I had looked a few years through a dirty glasses, in which I had lost the cloth again and again.

Buddhist Temple in Qingdao. A very nice city at the eastcoast of China.
Buddhist Temple in Qingdao. A very nice city at the eastcoast of China.

The problems we are surrounded in my home country aren´t exist in real. At least, no serious once – there are luxury problems. Late trains, the never-ending work of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall or the aging, but still not opened, Capital Airport of Berlin. In China I´m going to drive every night, now with a thick scarf, a hat and thick warm gloves on a small street over and look around. There is a small, shattered man under a staircase that offers him protection.
His body lies on a foam mattress. The warming blanket over him. Besides his walker, a metal cup and a cardboard sign. This man has a problem because he doesn´t know whether he will survive the night in these freezing temperatures. This scenario is widely used in the world, but we are doing here in Europe actually quite good, right? This is my revue show. Gritty and true. There are both – just like anywhere in the world.

Ancient Chinese temples in Qingdao.
Ancient Chinese temples in Qingdao.

We determine what we want to see and what we hear. And if one day someone asks me how China has been to me, I would ask him if he has brought some time with him, because this response is now complex from different perspectives. The time is at the end a good term to think about. William Somerset Maugham once said that the future is something that most people love only when it has become past.
To live every moment, to have time for important issues and being able to fully concentrate on one thing, this is what I´ve learned, namely to appreciated the time. More controversial and pointed my meetings in the last few month can´t be. I have met people who sit in the sweatshops of the sewing machines and only their wage is the reason why we can buy a T-Shirt for 9.90 euros. Just as I have met people who have already achieved everything in her life.

The typical way to enjoy dinner - Barbecue on the sidewalks in Wuhan.
The typical way to enjoy dinner – Barbecue on the sidewalks in Wuhan.

Ultimately, Beijing, Qingdao, Wuhan and Shanghai have been my stations in China. On each track, I met other people, other stories, made other images. Now it’s up to me what image I keep.

Hey, my Name is Darius. During half a year in China as a Junior Ambassador of Germany I experienced such a lot of different impressions, that I want to share with you. And If not in China you can see my up in the air, thanks to my Ultralight Pilot License. You can read more about my stories in my blog.

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